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Styrene Horse shoe

I'm working on a easy way to cut our own Shoe's.
Dave E. has a wonderful design already, But I wanted a solid design.
The Shoe was easy to cut with the router and a holesaw, So I plan to make a template that we can share.
The template will allow us to trace the Shoe onto some styrene.
I will also make the template to match Dave's leg as he wraps the top of the leg with 2 layers of .40 styrene.
Here's a picture of 1 layer I made today.

Once I get it as perfect as I can, If anyone at a meet wants to use it your Welcome.

jessica will be needing to do horseshoes soon. bet she will love to use your templates


We made the 1st horseshoe today from the new template.
It worked out pretty good.
I did have to make some adjustments to the layers we cut, so it's not perfect.
If anyone wants to use these templates, I will bring them to a meet.
The templates will get you very close to what you need, But expect some work as you build.

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