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Styrene Frame Started!

Now that I have styrene on-hand, my build is underway.  Thanks a million to Todd for getting me the plans printed out (although they seriously need some updating to reduce the number of sheets needed).

I have most of the parts cut out at this point, so I'm going to be set to start gluing this weekend (I hope).

My hope is to have both frames to some level of appearance by the 30th

Just a quick update, I got a little more done, and I started to weldon last night -

What I did to clean the styrene up after removing the plans was to use some goo gone, btw.  It seemed to do a bang up job of getting the surface prepped.  Just be warned that a little goes a VERY long way for this, as too much of that stuff is near impossible to clean up without having a residue.

I started using the knife from Lowes, and by far this is the best of that style knife that I've seen.  

I'm pretty much resigned to using some 1mm pre-inner skining in at least some places, but I'm thinking that is going to be overall a good thing, as it should create some extra rigidity.

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