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Resin Ankle Cylinders

We now have Cylinders available.
This mold is harder to work and on the back of the cylinder you may have a pit. But not much at all. The viewable areas are perfect with no  pits.
Email me if you need these.
Swamp Gopher

Ankle cylinders

Beefy ankle pieces and ankle cylinders, same thing? If so how much?

Beefy ankles are the part on the side of the ankle and give the ankle that round appearance on the side. Another member here is preparing a mold for this part.

Ankle cylinders are the long tubes that go just below the beefy ankle.
You'll need 2 cylinders for the outer ankles and 2 for the center ankle.
I have the mold for the cylinders.
Please email me about the price.
I would also like to talk to you about group benefits.

       Southern R2 Builders Group Forum Index -> JUNKYARD GOODIES
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