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Radar Eye Lens

Since it is the christmas season, and places like Hobby Lobby have 50% off during this time, I have a question on the radar eye lens.

I remember seeing a tutorial somewhere in all of my reading about how you can use a plastic christmas ornament for the lens, but I'm having problems finding it now.  I really should just start bookmarking this stuff like crazy.  Mostly what I'm concerned about is what size ornament I should be looking for, as I haven't gotten my radar eye ordered yet.

I found the tutorial to use a 3 liter soda bottle, but not the christmas ornament one.

I used one of the round holiday coke bottles shaped like an ornament. usually in a bin at the front of wal-mart for $1 . spray paint it black  from the inside with very light coats or it will run. Each bottle can make 2 lenses but buy a couple extra while its the season, I had one kid smash my first one in.

Yeah, Hobby Lobby has 4 packs of sturdy plastic black ornaments for $5 right now, which is what I was looking at.


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