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R5D4 Styrene Droid Dome

Hey Guys,
I plan to start on this Tutorial this weekend and I will post plenty of pictures and video.
This build is based on Dave E. R5D4 Dome plan, It will be a slow process since this is the 1st R5 dome I've ever built.
I have the plans and it took 16 sheets to get it all printed and the cost was $26.00.
So, Wish me luck and I'll post soon.

I'm eager to watch that one get built!  

Once Christy has Photoshop up and running I'm going to have her review the plans that Dave E put out and try to get them placed onto fewer sheets.  There seems to be a lot of wasted white space on there...

Yea there is allot of waste paper.
Most of the sheets are rings.

Step 1

This is just something I like to do is separate the 3mm parts out of the prints. I have tons of extra Styrene scraps left from building the body, legs and etc.
Mark the prints with the correct thickness needed for that part.
Believe me, It will come in handy later.
So, Get out those scissors and cut around the prints leaving 1/4 inch play around each part. Don't cut at the lines, Leave some play.
After cutting the prints, You can go ahead and tack spray the prints to the Styrene and start cutting.
I'm going to show a video of proper Styrene cutting, Just for those that have never cut Styrene in the next post.

Ok, there's going to be a slight delay in this tutorial.
I have to build a router table to cut these rings.
My portable setup has no room for the alignment holes that are needed to cut the odd size rings.
The delay should be short.

I built the top of the router table today and gave it a test run.
It works perfect. It took awhile to get the measurements on the table for the dome rings.
I'll post a picture tomorrow so everyone can see it.
As I build more, ill add the settings for the frame and other things.
The only thng I don't like about this setup is the styrene melts and gets down into the router foot and you have to clean it out.
It doesn't melt the edges of the rings but it does make a mess.

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