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Spanner Murraan


I am starting my build on my first droid.  He will be a custom R3 desginated R3-xB or "Exbee".  Since his backstory involves him being rebuilt/salvaged by a Mandalorian for help in his shop and on his ship, he will have some nifty customizations.  I am thinking maybe a shoulder-mounted blaster along with a lot of dings, nicks and general weathering.  Here is a lay out for the color pallet, but I want to do a design closer to R4-G9, with the scalloped sides and such...

I have also modified some of the R2 sound files a bit.  I have lowered the pitch and added a few effects to make his voice recognizable, but his own.

       Southern R2 Builders Group Forum Index -> Astromech Droids
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