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Spanner Murraan

R3-xB is now R6-S6. Haze Grey and Underway!

Got the frame rings cut out yesterday, thanks to some friends with a garage and router...  

and got the first Tier glued up... started the second tonite.  Hoping to have the frame complete by Saturday's R2-Dallas event.  I think I might be the only guy there with a Styrene droid.

excuse the camera phone pics...

Nice, Soon you'll be working on skins.
Are you going with the standard look on your skins or custom?
Spanner Murraan

Its going to be the standard style, but with custom paint.

I am heavily considering buying Chani's budget skins, just to cut down on time and cost (getting plans printed, etc) and the fact i do not have a large work space at my disposal.

Her skins are well worth the money.
Once I build another droid, I will be buying them from her.
Spanner Murraan

Got a lot more done yesterday and today.  I had two days to do nothing but Droid... here is the progress thus far...

and dry fit of the top ring..

Wow Zac, Are you sure you haven't done this before? You are coming along pretty quick, and everything looks Great!!! they speed you are going you should have it done by New Year?? Embarassed
Spanner Murraan

What can I say, i had good mentors.  Very Happy

Got a little more done today.  Mounted the shoulder mounting plates, and reinforced the cross-member i put in for the Slip Ring.  Also got to do a bit of filing on the not-so-perfect parts.

The cross member I cut out in the top ring was a bit flimsy for my taste, so I reinforced it with some additional styrene, similar to a boxed frame for a car.  This will add some rigidity for when the slip ring gets spinnin'.
Spanner Murraan

Hey guys, I got bored today since I didnt have anything to really work on, so I tried my hand at making a from-scratch Octagon Port from Styrene scraps, using the blueprints from the Yahoo group.

I shot it with some self-etching primer, more of a color test, and to see how my filler looked, and put it up to the frame.

Whatcha think?[/img]

Great start,  you don't see a lot of those scratch built. Keep posting pics.
Spanner Murraan

Got some work done on my Dome over the last week.

The eye housing is resin, and the lens is an old baseball holder I had that I cut and painted the inside of.  The picture is horrible but the panels are all dinged, worn and scratched up.  The weathering on the radar eye was done with rub-n-buff and some Patina maker for the rust.
Spanner Murraan

And on top of my styrene frame


Wow Zac, That looks great!!!! nice weathering on the eye, did you paint the inside? That's what it looks like verrrrry nice  Cool
Spanner Murraan

haha, thank Brenda.  

yeah, I painted the inside of the eye with flat paint from valspar.  I am not a huge fan of valspar paint, but it's what I had on hand.  The lens itself has some minor scratches and knicks and looks very fitting to the housing.  

I have also added a blackwash to the painted panels to bring out the scratches and give the look of grime.   I will get some better pics and post them up as soon as I can.

I told ya this droid wasnt going to be some prissy little pampered poodle droid! lol
Spanner Murraan

These Logic Displays are in no way club spec or screen accurate. They are for my custom Droid. I also do not claim original idea for this design.

I made some Logic displays for my custom Astromech. I made some bezels by drilling out some styrene, then place some cut-to-fit tinted lexan over. I used some LED string lights from Walgreens that sell for $3.99 to plug into the 5mm holes. the LEDs are 5MM and twinkle effect is basically just a back and fourth. These lights are just for demo purposes and will be replaced with similar lights in orange and white. I know that they are not accurate, but I think they will look good enough to get me by untill I can afford something a little better, and for the cost, I dont think you can beat it, especially if you dont have any kind of electrical skills.
Spanner Murraan

Ok, So it's been a while, but I thought you all should know that R3-xB is getting set aside, and going to become a mini droid like Craig Smith did.

My full size frame will be converted to: R6-SX, or "Essex"

Essex will be something of a Tribute to the US Navy, and the other armed services, while still retaining an in-universe feel.  For those who do not know, the "Essex" Class Carrier was the backbone of the US Navy fleet during WWII and on through the 60's.  My Grandfather served aboard the Essex Class carrier, the USS Valley Forge (CV-45) during Korea.

Since a lot of what I do with my love of Star Wars is try and give back through Costuming Troops and Fund-raising with multiple charities, I wanted to represent the men in uniform that I served with that might have left families behind, paying the ultimate price for their country.  R6-S6 will be employed to raise money for Veteran's Charities, and just to make merry where ever he goes.

The colors I have chose are each representative of the Us Navy and Marine Corp; haze gray, Navy blue, Brass, and Crimson Red (foot hoses).

See more at

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