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Pepakura Tips

Ok, So you want to try Pepakura.
Its easier than you think and I will give you tips as I learn.
No Pep files will be available here, Unless some of our members learn to unfold 3D images. You can find hundreds of Pep files on the internet.
I'm currently working on Brenda's Biker Helmet in another thread and in this thread I will be working on a Royal Guard Helmet.
I will post pictures as I work through the build.

Here's a picture of the progress I have made on the Royal Guard.
I've learned that if you mark your up folds red and the down folds black it makes it much easier too understand what your building.
Mark all your parts first and then cut them out with a X knife as you need them.

Also if you use a steel ruler at the marks you can make some really nice folds.

With a total of about 8 hours work this is where my project is now.

With the lines creased in different colors makes this much easier.
And believe it or not, It fits Brenda!!!!
She will have another costume for her collection.

Wow Calvin, that looks great.
I made a few Pepakura models before I started R2 including a Serenity from Firefly and a 3 or 4 inch tall R2 (with turning dome and 2-3-2!) but never anything full size or wearable.
Will be following this with interest.


this looks really cool, i think brenda needs a ewok costume under the royal guard so when she takes the helmet off theres a reason for a short royal guard!!

All finished and being modeled by my little helper.

Thanks for the comments guys,
I'm really happy with the way this turned out. Now I will rebuild Brenda's Biker Helmet as I now know much more than I did when I built the Biker.
As I rebuild the Biker, I will also be working on a new helmet from Clone Wars.


1st coat of Fiberglass resin applied.
Needs 2nd coat and then the inside.


Re: Royal Guard Pep
I applied 2 coats of fiber Resin on the outside, 2 on the inside, followed by Fiberglass Cloth. I know it's sloppy work with the cloth but its my 1st time. Its as hard as a rock.

I need to clean the edges and give it a sand to prepare the outside for Evercoat Bondo.
Hope it works out.

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