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Parts needed to build a Scrubber Droid

Scrubby is one of the easiest droids to build. With a few parts from here and there you can have a Droid replica that was in the Empire Strikes Back.
Here's a basic list:

1- Rubbermaid Action Packer Storage Container.
You can get these a Walmart.

1- Korky style Toilet Plunger Housing.
This is used for the basic shape on the top of Scrubby.

4- Oval Kitchen Knobs from Home Depot
Take a picture of Scrubby with you to H.D. and compare the shape

4- Round Kitchen Knobs from Home Depot
Same with these Knobs

4- Empty CO2 Cartridges From a BB Gun
Make sure these are empty, You will have to cut the round ends off and attach them to the Oval Knobs.

.40 thick Styrene plastic sheet
3mm (1/8 inch) Styrene plastic sheet
You wont need much.
You can obtain this from your local Hobby Shop or a local Farco Plastic

Chrome vinyl Auto Rocker Panel Tape
You can get this at your local Auto Parts store.

2- Round Red LED Automotive side marker lights
You can find these at any Semi Truck Stop and sometimes Auto Parts.

1- Clear Plastic Christmas Ornament.
You can get these a Hobby Lobby or you local decorations store.
The Clear Ornament is made in 2 halves so you can add goodies inside.

1- Red Hot Sausage Jar Lid
These are the Hot Sausages you see in most Mini Stores and you can buy them at Winn Dixie Food Stores. Enjoy the Sausages to get the lid.

Part List to be Continued


Body Prep

The Rubbermade Container needs to be stripped of the top and handles.
These will not be used in the build.
The Rubbermade logo down each side will need to be sanded down as smooth as you can get without cutting through the container.
Try your best not to sand the edges of this recessed area, It will show.
There will be a styrene panel that will cover this area.
The top of the container will also need to be sanded and a styrene panel will be bonded to the top.
Do not sand any of the crinkled areas as this needs to be seen.

To be continued

Body Prep 2

Cut 2 panels measuring 12-1/8 x 2-5/16 from the 1/8 styrene plastic.
These will cover the 2 sides where the Rubbermaid logo was sanded away.
You can use Goop to glue these panels to the container, Just don't over apply the Goop as it will warp the plastic.

Here you can see the Panels glue in place.
Easy Huh.

Top Cover

The top needs to be covered with styrene so the container seam does not show. You will have to measure this are yourself, The containers are not all the same as they are cheaply manufactured.
Again use Goop to apply the .40 styrene to the container.
Be very sparingly with the Goop on top, It will warp the thinner Styrene easily.

After the top Styrene glue dries, Use Evercoat Putty to fill in the edge of the Styrene. This will give you a smooth transfer between container and styrene.
This is something I missed on my Scrubby and will have to go back and fix.

Kitchen Knob Selection

There are so many different knobs that look fairly close to the originals.
I found these Knobs at Home Depot. I thought they were pretty close.

They will need some work to look more accurate. Here's a picture of the originals.

And here's my Version.

The small bump (Which is the end of the CO2 Cartridge) has been Gooped to the top of the oval knob. Take care when cutting the CO2 Cartridge and be positive the cartridge is empty or you could put yourself in the Hospital.
The back of the round knob had a base to it, I cut it off so it would mount flush to the body.

More Holes to Drill

On the each side of the Container you will need to drill 4 holes for the knobs.
Here again I can't get you the hole size due to the size may vary depending on your knob selection.
But I can give you the locations.
From the rear of the droid on the second and third raised area drill 2 holes in the middle of the container and then 2 holes in the fourth raised area.
Try to measure and get them the equal distance from top to bottom.
Be sure to drill the other side of the droid in the same location.

The front of the droid also gets 2 large holes for the ribbed tubing to fit.

The Holes for the 2 ribbed tubes are 1-1/2 inch in diameter and 1-1/8 inch from the top of the container and 3/4 inch from the edge of the flat area where the holes with be cut.
These measurements are from my Scrubby, So my measurements are from each edge of the tube. You will have to calculate the actual center for the hole saw to drill through the container.

Prepping the top Parts

Cut the Red Hot Sausage lid in half and drill Two 1-1/2 inch holes for the pipe to fit.

You will have to measure and center the holes as best you can without cutting the holes into each other.
Also the lid has a lip around the edge, You will need to sand this flat with the face of the lid.

Wrap/Glue the edge and the bottom of the lid with .40 styrene and once this dries you will cover the face of the lid with .40 styrene.
This will give you a smooth half circle with 2 holes to mount to the top of thr droid.

Toilet Brush Caddy

This is a harder part to get the shape your looking for in a droid.
Take the Caddy apart and you will use the back of the Caddy.
This is how the Caddy looks as you start to tear of the front.

The measurement for the cut is Aprox. 1/2 inch. Basically it starts at the point where the Brush would rest in the Caddy.

Tear off the bottom circle with the black resting area for the brush.
Do Not damage the bottom you will need it later.
Here's a picture ready for cutting.

Using a Dremel, Cut around the Caddy at the marked line.
Stop about 1/2 inch before the end so you can round this area so that when it sits on top of the container it will blend back down.

Remove the black brush rest from the bottom of the Caddy.
Reattach this to the Hood, Then mark and cut the bottom in half to make the next area of the droids top.
You will have to sand and trim the hood and the new attached bottom to get it to set down on top of the container. If it looks too tall, Cut alittle at a time until you are happy.

The next area needs to be a set down from the main hood area so you get a smaller profile.
Cut the black brush rest in half and Goop it to the rear of the bottom housing. Now what was inside is now outside.
After the Goop dries, Goop a 5/8 inch .40 Styrene flat to the black brush rest. This will give you a smooth transfer between each level.

For a finished look and added Fx, I used a red LED light setup I bought on
Here's a pic of the setup.

And I used a flat piece of aluminum for a mount.

This sits under Scrubby's hood and a black transparent lens covers it so you don't see under the hood.
The scrolling lights are neat, But you don't have to do this.

I'll post a video as soon as I know how.

Now the FUN part. You get to go on a scavenger hunt!!!
At your local decorative shop, you will need to hunt for some cheap plastic flower pots.
This will connect the rear lid with the holes and the front hood area together.
Here again I can't give you the sizes but I can tell you how long the entire assembly will measure.
From the very front of the Hood to Lid measures: 11 inches.  

In this picture, You can see how the Grayish flower pot connects everything together.

Between the Flower Pot and the rear of the Hood, You will cover this with
Two 1-1/4 styrene bands to cover the gap.

I know I should have more measurements to make this tutorial mor complete. But Scrubby was a past project.

In each corner of the container will be a hole for a magnetic Checker.
These Checkers I have no ideas where I got these, But I would guess Toys r Us. They will serve a purpose in the future.

After your Hood is complete and you've sanded the smooth flat areas, It's time to clean, tape and prime the container.
Wash the container very well and let it dry.
Tape the very bottom of the container at the area where the Black and Yellow
stripes will be located. You don't want any primer in this area.
The best way to describe where the stripes are located is to look at the very 1st post and you will see the stripes.
I used a gray primer because I didn't want the yellow to dull down.
This is what your droid should look like now:


Ok, Now that the base for the Scrubber Droid is primed, Remove the tape from the lower 4 corners and add tape lines to create the caution strips at each corner. Sorry I don't have a picture of the spacing of the tape to create the lines.
Here are some pictures of what the Droid should look like after you paint.
I used a Rustoleum bright yellow. But any bright yellow paint will be fine.


You can start adding and adjusting the goodies for you Scrubby now.
The hose on the front of the droid, You can get at Home Depot and it looks like a Shop Vacuum hose but it's much weaker and you can find it in the pluming department.
Cut 2 links of hose about 2 to 2-1/2 feet long.

Paint them with Silver spray paint and then insert them into the holes in the front body and the other end into the holes on the hood.
They don't have to stick in far, But you will have to adjust them to get the proper look. After they look correct, Cut off the excess but leave enough to glue them in place using Goop brand glue.

You can now add the chrome tape to the lower long panels, Top 4 corners,
Across the bands on the top hood and around the bottom of your red lights.
Add the side buttons, front Eye with Pc Board insert and the four checkers in each corner.
Your Droid should look like this now.

The red checkers in each corner will be painted silver, But I have to add some more parts on top of them first.

That's about as far as I can take you on the Scrubber Droid.
Sorry I don't have more info, But as I continue to complete my Scrubby
I will add more to this tutorial.

Nice work. You got me wanting to make one of these.

That will have to wait until after the astromech.

Just for clarification the Rubbermaid Action Packer Storage Container is the 8gallon size correct?

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