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My Goldie in the works

I guess I'll be the first to post here.
Hello everyone! As most of you may know, I am building a movie accurate (or as accurate as I can get) R3-S6 or AKA Goldie.

Yes it may take a little more time and money than the regular styrene droids, but it is worth it in the end to have a droid that looks like it just jumped straight out of the cartoon.

Ok enough chit chat, here is my droid so far:
Still incomplete as you can see, and it won't look 100% like the "real" Goldie, but he will be the most accurate Goldie anyone has ever made SO FAR. Wink

Click to see full size image

Click to see full size image

Click to see full size image

Click to see full size image

I had to do alot of scratch building because the CW droids aren't the same as an regular droid.
There are quite a few differences between the "CloneWars" droid and the "classic" droid, which I will talk about more in another post. Wink

Anyway I would not use my blog as a tutorial because right now I consider my droid to be a prototype as I've messed up on some of it, but hey, It's my first droid! lol
My parents will be working on making the CloneWars R2 in the future which will look alot more better and accurate than mine will.
That will come after we've finished our current droids though.
But if you want I can tell you how we've built some of the things on Goldie like the radar eye and the panels and what not.

If you have any question at all on how to start your very own CloneWars droid, send me a pm or just ask me right here on this thread.

That looks absolutely fantastic!  I can't wait to see the finished product.

Thank you, me too!

Crissy? Crissy? Where are you ?  I don't see anymore posts, What's happening? get busy LOL Twisted Evil

chrissy is your droid standing yet?????? you slacking AGAIN? playing with that getfiddle instead of doing the important stuff?


Update pic

Goto to see my update.

Very Happy

Just a small update to show Goldie on his foot motor holders.

Goldie temporarily on 3 legs.


Goldie with wheels, ready for Megacon!

Great job!  Very Happy


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