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Motor for the Scrubber Droid?

Quick question Calvin, although I have a feeling you'll go over this in the tutorial and I'll feel like a Cad...

What are you using for the motor/receiver on your scrubber droid?  Is it just a basic RC car, or did you do more specific work to it?

I just got the New motors for Scrubby and they are a couple of small gear motors.
I did have Servos running the wheels, But at MegaCon last time the crowd burnt up 4 servos.

I'm using my Vex R/C setup for Scrubby since I already had it.
It consists of: Vex remote, Vex receiver, Vex Servo splitter.
I also used a Walmart adjustable power plug to power the Vex.

Now I need to rebuild with the new motors and Scrubby will be ready for the next MegaCon.

Here's a picture of the new setup

It's unproven, But we'll see.

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