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Logic Displays

Anyone attempting Teeces Arduino-based display setup?

I may start attempting this come fall time, once I'm working more on details and electronics than I am construction.  Just wondering what everyone else is looking at for the Logic Displays.

I'm making a version of these without the PCB's. It's not to difficult to solder up a matrix on perf board. This will be the smallest one I've tried, I did a 8x24 with 5mm led's spaced pretty far apart  for my son's Daft Punk helmet and a couple weeks ago I did a 5x7 with some left over 5mm to try out Teeces design. My 3mm led's came in yesterday, and I'm still waiting on my max7219's ( I had one I had bought to play with when doing the helmet. I think I paid like 6 bucks at the time for it, this time I'm getting 10 for 12.20 shipped from Hong Kong). I'm trying to decide whether to build them like Teeces, with the 9th column being a rotated row, or just add a extra 7219 to each display since I got them so cheap. That would make programing easier, something I'm very novice at, but make them incompatible with Teeces if people star sharing code for them which I would love to see. I think these have the potential to do most if not all the stuff the jedi display system does.

For me programming = good, soldering = not so hot.

I'm just happy to be finishing up the center ankle right now.  Then on to feet.

Here's how my displays came out, I want to add the psi's into the code too but it took me forever to get this far on the code.  So far I can set the brightness for each display independently, scroll separate messages for each  with each having their own number of repeats, and no using delay so I will be able to do other things with the same arduino without problems. Most of the code came from Teeces and Buhatkj

Those came out amazing!  I'm waiting right now, because Tecees is working on a pinout to make these boards work with the JEDI controller as well (that plus I'm just now getting back to where I'm working on the feet - had a really bad reaction to some medicine about a month back that really threw me to the floor).

My hope is to still get the main motors and RC done by Labor Day (fingers crossed) and then move on from there.  As long as I have the cash for the work, I should be okay, I think.

Awesome Work Dan!!!!!
I'm building these also, But don't have enough parts yet.

Your build really loooks GREAT and I like the animation you added.

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