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Just getting started

Hey everybody,
Just started an r2 (wood frame built, and part of feet).  Hope to meet some of you at the cons in Orlando.  I'm in Tampa (actually just north of Tampa in Lutz).  Anyone know where to get a decent dome? (styrene)


Hi Micah, welcome.
I'm not far from you, in Brandon.
I think for a styrene dome you need to contact Cole and Darren on the forums.

or if you would rather have fiberglass pm me


The Dome that Izzy just painted is a fiberglass Dome that Todd made, Well I saw in in person yesterday and it looks great!!! Todd lives in Orlando give him a shout. And Welcome to the Group!! Embarassed

Hi Micah,

 I used to live in Lutz  a long time ago in a galaxy not so far way,welcome.

Keith & Carolyn
in Davenport

Here's some pics of R2's progression:
(hopefully body, legs, and feet will be done this week)

frame start

shoulders & center leg

frame and legs

cut front outer skin

Sarah and bunny ears

Primed legs with Mojo looking on

Temp assembly, feet are next on the schedule

Wow!!!!!!!! That looks AWESOME!! you are coming along good R2 looks great.
One thing, The inner skin piece in the center where the vents go should not have been cut out. You need to glue that piece back on, That is where your vents will come through and then you glue the outter detail piece on top of that. Again nice progress.

Thanks.  I think I already cut up that piece to make a coin return..

I guess I can remake it out of some other scrap pieces and glue it in.  Good eye though.  Smile

Sarah in her Jawa Costume with R2 for Halloween.

Haven't gotten the motors installed yet, so they'll probably hand out candy on the porch this year.  

Wow!!!!! you should be done soon!!! I'm jealous LOL!!!!!

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