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Jawa set pieces

(Made it a sticky so it''''s easier to find & reference. JEB)

Hey Everyone,

 Calvin said I should post this here about my Droid parts Jawa set piece for MegaCon. We are in the process of building a third Jawa sitting welding
a 3po eye with a "tool box" full of droid parts. Here''''s some pics to give you an idea.

Two Don Post 3po heads were given to me by Brad Carpenter before he moved to Texas.They were both gold when I got them.This one is sort of painted like R-3PO.

Here are the Droid parts that are going to be sticking out of a "tool box".

And here is the start of the weld gun.

I''''ve got a wire that'll run from the tool box all the way through to the tip of the weld gun that will have two blinking LEDs at the end.

Here are some tools that''''ll hang in the tool box.

These were also made with the scrap wood I had .They''''ll get painted and weathered as well.

This will be the Jawa with the R-3PO head in it''''s lap.

I changed out a few of the elbow joints to get the right pose.

Here''''s the tools painted and weathered.

The second 3PO head I painted is from a Star Wars RPG expantion called
"A Reckoning of Wraiths"
Retrieved from ""
 I never got the chance to play it but I thought it sounded cool. Anyway
this is from starwars wikia:  

"The requested information is confidential, as per the clause of our establishment’s rental agreement. However, for a small fee, payable in standard credits, the clause can be waived"

OT-3PO was a 3PO-series protocol droid who worked in a flophouse located in Gnawer''''s Roost in the sub-levels of Coruscant. On one occasion, members of the Alderaanian Resistance came by in search of the technician Pavel Trenol, who was staying in a room there. OT-3PO demanded a fee in return for telling them what room Trenol was staying in.

He was gray in color and was very rusty, covered in grime and had graffiti on him. He was also chained to the floor, something that he disliked as he couldn''''t understand why he wasn''''t trusted. However, he was very untrustworthy and would do anything for a few credits. He was programmed to speak Basic, Binary, Bocce, Huttese and Ryl.

 Well here''''s some pics. The grafiti on him says CHEAT, LIAR and on the back UNTRUSTWORTHY in Aurebesh.

Four sheets of 24"x24" 15-32 were used for the box.

Wood cut ( thanks again Todd ) and assembled .

Put handles on for easy removal of bottom panel.

Used wood filler to hide the wood grain.

A bike light was taken apart with wires and new color LEDs added
Box painted and droid parts glued in place.3PO head screwed in at an angle.

I took a pumpkin light that had 3 flashing LEDs Painted it black and did the same thing I did to the bike light for an added effect inside the box.

Tools are velcroed in place and a silver wash was painted and wiped off to give the box a metal look.

Now i just need to finish it off with the metal trim around the box.



That looks so cool .......

Very nice ... love to see this once completed ... and in various other stages as well Mr. Green

Thanks guys,meant to reply sooner but I've been working on a few things the past couple of weeks as you can see.I'ved had some fun!


Wow!!!!!!!!!!! you've got that weathering down pat, It sure is looking good can't wait to see the scene all finished. Rolling Eyes

Thank you, so far it's looking like the picture I have in my head.And some of the stuff is coming together as I go along.


Realy cool...I love the look of the tools.

Thank you. I wanted something that looked like they could be tools but didn't want them to look like "oh that's a wrench or screwdriver,etc..."
Now I need to finish the trim around the box.


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