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How did she get those sounds?

Ok so at Miami Comic Con our big joke was my sheet of paper that listed all the commands for the different sounds on my droid. I'll have a new sheet at Megacon. So no hiding it!

Any way I thought I'd share how I got some of them. Before you do this check to see if you can download the song. One example is "I kissed a nerd" by The Damsels of Dorkington. On their site you can download it for free.

I also don't recommend doing this on songs that you can purchase to download. I won't go into copyright laws. Wink

So you see this video on Youtube and you want the sound file on it. I'm going to use Rob Meyer's "Re-Edited Princess Leia Message" as an example cause it's clearer than the one that circulates in the group. This seems to only work with YouTube but the application has other functions too! If the video is private & not public this process will not work & you will get an error.

Step 1 - Go to YouTube Video you want.
           If you used a search to get to the video sometimes it adds extra
           stuff to the URL. Click the Share button & copy the the URL.

Step 2 - In another window/tab go to
            You do not have to have an account or sign in to use it.

Step 3 - The rest is kind of self explanatory but.... click on the word URL
            on the step 1 tab. This will bring you to the Download tab. This is
            where you will paste the URL.

Step 4 - You can download the file as an FLV or you can change it to what
            ever you need ie MP3, AVI, 3GP etc.... in step 2 of the download

Step 5 - Just enter your email address in the step 3 section of the
            download tab and then click convert in the step 4 section. A pop
            up screen will appear to confirm your choice. Click ok.
            Sometimes it takes a moment to process but do not close the
            screen till it says "File upload complete"

It may take a moment but the file will be emailed to you via a link to download. There is a time limit as to how long the file will be available for downloading so don't for get to look for the email.

       Southern R2 Builders Group Forum Index -> Electronics
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