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HIPS Suppliers in Florida

Just as a quick rundown for folks looking for suppliers, I'm going to attempt to list out the places I've gotten quotes from recently in order that other builders have a better idea of where to get supplies.  Please note that I'll document the prices I've been quoted, but understand that prices vary a LOT based on how long they've had their supply.  I'm also only putting the numbers I had referenced to me on the post, but I know several of these have multiple locations.  Sabic and Farco we know for sure have depots in Jacksonville.

Farco Plastics seems to be the defacto place folks locally have been getting their sheets from.  They are a little pricier, and there seems to be a lead time from some locations (specifically Orlando) in getting the parts these days.  You can also get the applicator and Weldon #3 from them:


Hi-Impact Polystyrene White .125 X 48 X 96
   Cost = $46.80 plus UPS freight
   Stock = Ft Lauderdale
   Lead = 2-3 days ARO

Call me if you have any questions!!
Pam Hall, CSR
7151 Lake Ellenor Drive
Orlando, FL  32809
Office:  407-888-2108 Ext 12
Toll:  800-243-2726
Fax:  407-888-2113

I found it locally at Sabic in Orlando, including the weldon #3 and applicator.  Their documentation says .118' thick, but I checked and it's 3mm styrene.


Polystyrene-HIPS sheet .118' THK 48' wide 96' long  $40
Weld-on #3 Pint  $8.50
Plasticator 25 GA Metal Needle 2 oz  $3.50

SABIC Polymershapes
7481 Presidents Drive
Orlando, FL  32809
T: 407.851.0624
F: 407.855.7706
E-Fax: 866.637.3495

I received a quote from Piedmont Plastics in Daytona as well


White Hips (smooth matte finish)………..   .125 x 48 x 96……      1 sheet………….  $41.00/Sht
Black ABS  H/C (finish)…………………………..   .125 x 48 x96……       1 sheet …………  $ 42.00/ sht

We have these in stock and available for pickup at our facility.  Please note we do not deliver to a residential address, and this sheet is not able to be rolled and UPS’d.
Thank you for your inquiry.

Bill Augustine
Branch Mgr.
Piedmont Plastics
Daytona Beach, Fl.

I also tracked down that Sabic and Laird plastics use PrimeX as their provider for the Styrene, which has a plant in Lakeland.  The downside here is the minimum order from them is $10,000.  So unless you want a Droid army or something, you're probably not going to be ordering much from them.

Quote: to me, Wenning
show details Oct 15 (3 days ago)
Thanks for your interest in Primex Plastics, unfortunately your request for 4 sheets is well below our minimums. I would like to recommend one of our quality distributors,
Laird Plastics 407-316-0042 or
Sabic Polymershapes 407-851-0624 both located in Orlando, Florida.
If you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.
Eric Van Winter 386-672-2222
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They did mention Laird Plastics, but I have not looked to get a quote from them.


Laird Plastics 407-316-0042

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