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Frame Circle Question

Okay, I have most of my parts cut out at this point, but I found one error that happened as I re-inspect my primary frame circles.

Even though I measured at least 4 times on this, the final cut from my rig ended up about 1mm to far in on the main discs.  I'm not sure how this happened, as I've used this exact same rig for my wood frame, and it's 19" on the dot.  

What I'm planning on doing is bringing what I have cut out, along with an extra sheet of fresh HIPS, with me next weekend, and letting Calvin and Todd check it out and see if I need to just re-cut everything or not.  At this point it's not a major loss to re-cut it, besides a little bit of frustration. I just don't want more and more complications as the build goes forward.

If you cut the inside a little short making the frame circles wider that's OK.
You said you cut at 19 inch?
It's 18 inch.

The problem is the outside cut, not the inside.  I meant 18", my brain is just fried atm.  They came out maybe 1mm to short on the outside cut.  I'll bring 'em with my Saturday, along with another sheet of Styrene.

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