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Experimental Styrene Frame Design

I guess I get stuck at the frame for some reason...

While putting together my frame (I'm about 1/2 way done now, I need to upload some new pictures today), I've been looking at the construction design and doing some pondering.   This is leading me to think about trying my hand at designing a new styrene frame that can help with some of the issues and pitfalls that I see in the current frame.

My question is - outside of the router, has anyone taken time with other power tools on 3mm styrene parts?  Specifically a table saw.  What I'm contemplating is taking some of the ease of construction ideas from the Senna frame (the notched concepts) and applying them to the Dave's Styrene frame.  I'll probably do concept with more equipment, and then switch back to a low/no power tool approach from there.

I have the week of thanksgiving off, so I may play around with some of the designs then.

check with calvin on the table saw and styrene, it likes to kick back.... hard!!!! i have had luck with the bandsaw use it quite a bit for some of the cuts


I was afraid that the table saw would heat up too much.  I have tomorrow off from work, so I may spend some time trolling and talking to find what I'm looking for.

What I've found so far with my scroll saw the sytrene is just to flexible to do much with it, so it's really hard to keep it solid on the table.

I'd also like to find more hand tools that can do the job, instead of coming up with another frame that needs a lot of special and/or expensive tools.  I worked up my test piece with just my hobby knife, and it works pretty well, but the cuts were difficult (at least for me).  Cutting out a 3mm notch wasn't an easy task.

Yea, The tablesaw kicked some 1/4 styrene into my stomach and caused my hernia to come back and it melts the styrene real bad.
I don't know it a router would cut straight cuts but it's worth a try.
The table and square setup I used makes it easy to cut 3mm.
Something I have thought about is skins being scribed with a vinyl cutter.
Maybe that is how Channi is scribing her skins.

Chani scribes hers with a professional printer that is designed to cut out stickers.  They run the skins when the printer isn't being used for a run.

Can you post up pictures on your table layout by any chance Calvin?  The biggest worry I have is making good solid straight cuts, as just using a metal ruler bother's me.

I have a lead on another idea or two that I'm working on, including a better way to notch the sections I would need for my idea.  I got my dome from Todd yesterday, so this may become very back burner for a bit Wink

Here's a picture of what we use to cut straight lines.
It works real good and the framing square you can get at Lowes and screw the short side to the edge of the table and it makes a hinge.

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