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Dome Pie Panels

Since Arfour isn't a base-aluminum droid, I'm thinking about doing this guy a little differently for dome tactic, especially because I have a fiberglass dome for him.  

What I'm thinking of doing is cutting out the panels from either some really thin metal like Todd showed me, or metal tape, to put on top of the existing dome.  This should give it definition as well as a real "metal" look.

Any thoughts on this tactic?

problem will be getting the curves right, best bet will be to use the existing panels and use some alum inside for the sills that they will sit on when closed. OR there is a item used in the model airplanes that is a alum tape that can be burnished on the surface. that will give you the alum panels without paint!

       Southern R2 Builders Group Forum Index -> Assorted Domes
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