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Dave E's foot plans

I'm moving through the Dave E plans at a decent clip right now, and it seems that the feet are going to be my May project (if all goes well).  I'm noticing a couple of things from these plans that are making me take a step back:

1 - they are calling for the same motor as the dome motor, so would Pittman motors work?  

2 - it calls for some custom wheel hubs to attach the wheel to the motor.  This part actually intimidates me right now.

My question is - is everyone doing an "A&A style" drive system, or are folks actually attempting to Dave E plans?  They look really cool, and the smaler motors sound like the way to go for the drive system, but I don't want to start this build and realize I've gotten myself stuck with a project folks aren't actively doing.

The small Jaycar motors are what Dave is using in his setup.
They work great, But they are not very fast according to Dave.
I would stay away from Pittman motors, They fail more than they last.
The gearing in the Pittman go out to often.
In my R2 I had a totally different motor setup for my dome and it has never failed.
Scooter motors are really overkill for a styrene droids feet, But Brenda has never had a problem and her droid is very strong.
We will modify Daves plans to hold the scooter motors.

Good to know on the Pitmans, even though I can get them at Skycraft locally.  I'm not quite to the point of building the feet yet (finishing up legs now, if you can believe it! - if not check out  So I'm just looking ahead to the future.

The wheel options definitely will weigh on the design, though.

Teeces recommended these wheels with these hubs and the jaycar motors

Just as an FYI.


I read that post.
I use to have a link to a coupler that is a exact copy of the one Dave uses.
I sent the link to Dave and he said it was perfect for the wheel, But I can find it.
It must be in my desktop, I'll see this weekend if I can find it again.

I wasn't a big fan of the wheel Dave has in the plans, tbh.  Maybe it's more durable than I'm imagining, but it seems a little on the flimsy side.

actually its not that hard to roll your own style wheel/motor set up. both the ones in mine and jessica droid i came up with myself. just have to be a bit creative and think outside the box or in this case the foot shell Very Happy

Just because I'm proud of how these look so far, I finally mounted the motor and wheels into the foot shell last night -

The Bane Bots wheels are about the perfect size for the solution, and with only minor fixes the bolts worked fine.  I need to look at Brenda's not so stinky feet for some ideas on the door like Calvin did on his modification, as I really  want/need to be able to get into that wheel well for repairs as necessary.

Right now I'm just stoked, because all things willing I should have R4 up on 3 wheels this weekend, and I can start detail work and electronics!

good job.  be sure to post some pics when he's on three wheels!

Strangely enough, Arfour is considered Female, don't ask me why..

That said, I managed to get her onto 3 wheels as a preliminary test last night  Evil or Very Mad  It looks like I may need to adjust the shoulders some, as the legs may be pushing in a little bit.  That said, I'm still stoked!

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