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computer probe arm

been working at getting my computer probe installed and working, so far have found the perfect motor for lifting the arm. hopefully by next weekend i can get the exact model van it came out of (i need another for the MGA)
the arm is now installed in the door and wired with limit switches! works nice!
about to hook up to the linear actuator that i custom made for about 12.00!!
after i get that in i will hook it up to the jedi controller and start programming it. then i will start the MGA install, which will be almost the same set up other then one extra servo for the gripper.
the computer probe will use 2 servos plus the one for the door (already installed and programed in the jedi) the MGA will take 3 servos plus the door servo
if you dont have the jedi i beleave you can do this with a picaxe board and 12 channel remote

ok figured out this lift motor came out of a toyota sienna mini van. these control the rear quarter windows, there is a left and right side. the one that works for the computer probe is a left. and the one for the MGA is a right
the linear actuator is hooked up and working, currently waiting on servos to come in so i can use them to actuate the switches.

That works awesome very smooth and quiet.

here it is working

and inside the droid

going to try to find a cheaper lift motor
bear with me!!!

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