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CNC Machine

Not sure if anyone else on the boards has considered this, but it seems that there are several CNC machines available on the market for around $600 that use the Dremel 300 as the cutting bit.  I found a couple of examples, they all come in around $600, but need motor kits and CAD software.

Two questions on this - has anyone done the research on these for use on some of the more complex parts, to start cutting them in bulk from styrene (based on the CAD plans)?  It would seem that for the investment, you could build a lot of the detail parts cheaper than you could get them made and shipped from styrene or aluminum.

biggest problem with styrene and routers is they tend to melt the plastic somewhat and it tries to re glue itself behind the router bit. when i use a router with styrene i end up going back over it a couple times to clear out the melted chips.

Meant to say resin and not styrene there, but yeah the melty burrs are definitely a problem.  I'm slowly getting started again on my droid, ended up taking a couple month hiatus, so I may play around with a few ideas and see what I come up with.

My two main issues with the CNC idea are the cost (although not terrible) and space (which I'm always grappling with).  It just looks intriguing.

well if you DO get a cnc machine let me know i ALWAYS need for someone to cut wing ribs for me Very Happy

Thanks a lot Brian,
Now you got me interested in this.
I checked out Rockcliff and the plans and build of these are not that bad.
It may take a special bit to keep from burning the styrene but it would be a nice way to cut out a frame, legs or anything.
Hum, now I want one.

I'm still poking around VERY slowly, probably won't get much more done before MegaCon at this point, although I can probably bring what I have for display pieces and to tinker some during the show.

I was also noticing that another builder is working on a CNC version of the styrene plans, that encompasses some of the stuff I hard already thought about.  IF I cannot recover my frame, I may look more seriously at his plans, although I think my frame is fixable at this point (Todd and I just need to sync our schedules up).

LOL, well, I have to say I'm not surprised that both Calvin & Todd replied to this.

I'm sure a motor kit isn't to bad but I know CAD software isn't cheap. Sad

CrazyDroidLady wrote:

I'm sure a motor kit isn't to bad but I know CAD software isn't cheap. Sad

The package for this came to like $1200 total, when I looked at it.  You aren't talking a copy of auto-cad at that price, but it was the right software to drive the system.

For just 1 droid build it's way overkill, but if we were cutting out details and doing runs for other members it may reduce costs (especially shipping) for a lot of the local folks.

there are a few 2d cad systems that are available for free. maybe one will be compatible with it.
trust me if you want to also cut wood, i will keep you pretty busy.
and if you get good with the model airplane stuff there are tons of people i know that needs a good kit cutter.

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