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Builders Information
Builders Ideas and Helpful Tips
A&A Frame Assembly
How to improve upon a A&A frame
Assorted Domes
Dome cutting, Hinged Panels, Dome Selection
Motors, Sound, Radio Control and Lights
Jawa Construction
Learn how to build these little Guys
Mouse Droid
Speedy Little Fellow
Part Links
Websites for all Parts
Scrubber Droid
The Little known Droid
Styrene Droid Builds
Learn how to cut and glue Styrene
Wood Frame Build
If your building a Wooden Frame Post your work, Ideas and Tutorial here. It would be nice to have a alternative frame
2-3-2 Ideas and Information
Have a idea on how to make it work. Post it here.
Styrene Droid Tutorials
Look here for Picture & Video Tutorials for building a Styrene Droid
Friends Helping Friends
Open Polls
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