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This looks promising.

The buffered speaker out seems interesting.

Dan/Calvin - y'all think that would replace the Uno in the Padawan setup?

Nice find !
Not sure how well that little speaker would sound but the built in ps2 port is cool as well as the way it is all set up to plug in servos. I have been building my own arduinos since I am so cheep Wink but this is pretty much made for the padawan system.

I'm more doing it for the "all in one" type solution for when I buy my electronics.  I'm hoping that next week they'll announce their anniversary sale and I can save some money.

Lynxmotion has 16% off all orders over 100% until the end of the month, use code  TrickOrTreat11 -

I did pick up a couple extras of the PS2 connector, just in case someone needs on and doesn't want to pay the shipping on it (since shipping was free and I got 16% off on the order).  Also re-bought my sabertooth connectors, but that Botunio unit hasn't been released yet.

       Southern R2 Builders Group Forum Index -> Electronics
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