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Board Layout

I'm starting to lay out the parts for my electronics, figure out where I'm going to mount what.   I've noticed that because of the size of the connector, the VMusic is going to have to be close by to the J.E.D.I. control.

I'm hoping folks have some advice (and maybe hopefully some layout drawings they've already done) on the lessons learned on setting this stuff up?  Hoping to get the board laid out and start mounting the boards by the end of the month.

BEFORE you mount your jedi you will need to hook it up and get it working THEN you can mount it to your board. i have found this is the easiest way to get it working and read the very small print on the boards and keep from hooking it up wrong. and wrong is bad, it releases the magic smoke!!!!
it will also let you see where things need to be in relation to each other on the board.

       Southern R2 Builders Group Forum Index -> Electronics
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