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Berts R2-D2

Hello folks,

I been a member of the Astromechs website for a few months and just now managed to join here.  I live in Sarasota, FL and had built a static R-2 D2 droid mainly wood and got hold of a aspects dome.  I started on a my more functional droid and have a wood frame kit and styrene two piece dome and wooden legs/ankles in the mix.  I have the resin logic displays, HPs, the radar eye.  So looking forward to a more paced build and interaction with the guys/gals here.

Click to see full size image

Welcome, great job on that static R2!

Welcome Aboard, If you have any questions Just ask, There are a lot of people here. I'm sure one of us will have a answer. Calvin & I are in Jasksonville, There are a lot of Builders down South, Every so often we have a Builders meet to help each other out. Again WELCOME!!!

Brenda Laughing

       Southern R2 Builders Group Forum Index -> Astromech Droids
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