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Another frame question

I feel bad posting up so much, but I found an iisie on the top layer of my frame.  The long door sides are about 3mm taller than the top back frame supports.  Do I need to trim the long doors, or build up the back gram supports?


if you have skins you can use them for referance to see where the problem is

The Pic did not show up, But like Todd said.
Check with the skins and see which side keeps everything level.

I haven't gotten my skins ordered yet, but what I can do is look at the DE plans for the skins and attempt to measure them.  I'm not sure how I'm off by exactly 3mm on this section, but I'll find it.

I've been spending a whole lot more time with the dome right now, though.  Hopefully I can get it far enough along to re-prime it this weekend.

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